[OH Updates] Degrees of open-ness in EDA (and CAD in general)

phillip torrone pt at oreilly.com
Sat Sep 3 13:26:05 PDT 2011

On Sep 3, 2011, at 1:52 AM, Bruce Perens wrote:
> On 09/02/2011 07:46 PM, Dave Jones wrote:
>> On Sat
>> Geeze, no need to take such a flippant comment so seriously.
>> Have I hit a nerve perhaps?
> It's just having to deal with the same B.S. day after day since 1990. It helps when our own community doesn't propagate it. Don't use "viral" when you mean "share and share alike" or "reciprocal". Don't refer to us as religious. And don't say "hacker" when you mean "computer criminal".

things are heating up here FINALLY and that's great, it means we are talking about things and caring about them. the worst thing that could happen is silence! rigorous debates and flare ups are refreshing and needed!

i emailed bruce last year and invited him to speak/made intros to ayah and alicia because he's one of the best (if not the only) experts in this space, i wanted all of us to work with him and get his expertise as we chart our course in oshw. over the last week i've gained so much on this list as i've tried to figure out what license might best best for adafruit. we STILL don't know, and that's a GOOD thing. all i do is "this", and there are still a lot of questions.

i think we're all trying to figure this out and i want to make sure we all continue to be good to each other and basically ignore any perceived hostility, it's not real, it's a mailing list talking about open source stuff. if you've been in the open source world, this is one of it's strengths (passion people) and weaknesses (we're passionate people, that's a good thing). mailing lists get really, "lively" this is good, trust me. we all care, we're the ones that will make the world of sharing hardware better.

so to be clear, these are great discussions, they NEED to happen and we're all working towards the same goal, really! bruce is an excellent resource - you should all ask him tough questions, i am sure he's heard them all - and you all know i will ask tough questions :)  i also want to point out that dave's videos and resources are great - and he has a lot of experience with a massive community, his rants are epic, watch one!

together we can actually change what happens in sharing electronics. we have, we are, we will. this is the most diverse mailing list you can imagine, people just learning electronics to CEOs of multi-million dollar oshw companies!

any way, back to the volley. this is good stuff, we're all part of something very important.


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