[OH Updates] [Legal] trademark, skdb - and breaking news, the osi logo was *actually* designed by phil torrone in 2001 - 5 years before it was trademarked by OSI.

phillip torrone pt at oreilly.com
Fri Sep 23 04:34:15 PDT 2011


back in 2001 i was promoting open source, i was sharing files for my work and telling people open source is the way to go, i predicted flash would die a slow death if it didn't become an open format. i'm pretty sure i am right about that :)

i try to change things from the inside, not just complain about stuff or point fingers - the name of my book was flash enabled since it was about using and making flash for mobile devices, the files and source were all open source, this was something very new and weird at the time for designers to learn about. i used it as a tool to promote more open systems to people doing the most interesting work at the time, that's just my opinion :)

re: logo -- i think any reasonable person would say they're the same logo, i researched the logo and the person listed was at all the open source conferences around that time too :) he's from apache.org and was part of the OSCONs. i actually don't know what i am going to do, but i emailed him.

i'd like to actually work with the osi and prove to bruce we can all work professionally and diplomatically for common goals.

does this all make sense now?


On Sep 23, 2011, at 8:24 PM, Andrew Back wrote:
> I might be missing something, so this could be a case of me needing to
> update my understanding, but isn't Flash technology the antithesis of
> open source? The thing that is infamous for not playing well on Linux
> and that community efforts can only go so far with owing to its
> proprietary nature. The thing that gets embedded into websites and
> that more often than not you can't link to its resources because it's
> not actually part of the Web, it's just a binary cul-de-sac. The thing
> that forces customers to go back to the same designers because their
> content is locked up in an unfathomable blob that they don't have the
> corresponding source for. The thing that Google stepped back from in a
> move towards an Open Web.
> So, I'm a bit confused by the open source/open hardware/OSCON and
> Flash linkage. Of course, I appreciate that you can have open open
> source tools for proprietary tech (I have a more proprietary past,
> too, that involved VMS amongst other things).
> Spooky logo similarities, though!
> Best regards,
> Andrew
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