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Justin Mclean justin at classsoftware.com
Fri Sep 23 05:39:36 PDT 2011

Hi Andrew,

Just a aside what I think is a needed clarification in regards to Flash and open source.

> I might be missing something, so this could be a case of me needing to
> update my understanding, but isn't Flash technology the antithesis of
> open source?

While the Flash player is proprietary closed software, the code you write in is it based on open standards, the swf file format is an open format and the Flex SDK (which is used in  large number of Flash applications) is open source.

> The thing that is infamous for not playing well on Linux
> and that community efforts can only go so far with owing to its
> proprietary nature.
I agree re Linux, Adobe haven't done the best they could there. There is however a large open source Flash  community with  lots of interesting things happening. If curious take a look at (for instance) http://osflash.org/ or http://opensource.adobe.com.

> The thing that gets embedded into websites and
> that more often than not you can't link to its resources because it's
> not actually part of the Web, it's just a binary cul-de-sac.
You mean like any other compiled language? Like C or Java perhaps? :-) There's nothing stoping anyone from open sourcing Flash/Flex source code or distributing the source code. In fact a lot of Flash/Flex developers do exactly this.

Open source Flash projects do face a few similar issues that OS hardware has. eg OS hardware can use proprietary micro-controllers, OS flash runs in a proprietary virtual machine.


PS I do quite a bit of work with Flex SDK and the Arduino platform, anyone interested in the gory details contact me off list.

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